Event: Replay of video - eBeam Initiative Virtual Event during the 2020 Photomask Technology Conference, Sept. 22, 2020
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Survey: 2020 eBeam Initiative Mask Makers' Survey Results [September 22, 2020]
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Survey: eBeam Initiative Luminaries (formerly Perceptions) Survey Results [September 22, 2020]
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Press: eBeam Initiative Surveys Report Upbeat Photomask Market Outlook [September 22, 2020]
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Video: Summer 2020 Fine Line Video Journal [June 2, 2020]
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Video: Spring 2020 Fine Line Video Journal [March 29, 2020]
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Press: Micron Joins the eBeam Initiative [February 25, 2020]
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Presentation: ILT and Curvilinear Mask Designs for Advanced Memory Designs by Ezequiel Russell, Micron, at SPIE eBeam lunch [February 25, 2020]
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Presentation: The Mycronic Path Back to Semiconductors and into Deep Learning, Mycronic, at SPIE eBeam lunch [February 25, 2020]
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Event: eBeam Initiative SPIE-AL Annual Lunch and Members Meeting, co-sponsored in 2020 with CDLe, Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Video: Autumn 2019 Fine Line Video Journal [October 14, 2019]
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Mission | The Initiative provides a forum for educational and promotional activities regarding new design-to-manufacturing approaches that help reduce mask costs for semiconductor devices based on electron beam (eBeam) technologies.

Design Team Advisors | Provide business and technical insights and requirements to the Steering Group and Ecosystem members.

eBeam Member Videos | Proof points, viewpoints and products discussed by eBeam Initiative members.

Leo Pang of D2S reviews a GPU-accelerated approach to curvilinear ILT and how the mask could be written with VSB machines

Ezequiel Russell of Micron, the newest member of the eBeam Initiative, answers the questions “Why curvilinear masks? Why now?”

Aki Fujimura of D2S with SPIE AL 2020 highlights, including EUV, Deep Learning, curvilinear masks; also in Japanese

Thomas Kurian of Mycronic describes his company's new laser-based multi-beam photomask writers as well as his deep learning work at CDLe.

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eBeam Industry News

Semiconductor Digest: Multibeam Unveils Major Initiative to Develop Full-Wafer All-Maskless Patterning at 45nm and Larger Nodes on Its MEBL Production System [September 10, 2020]
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Semiconductor Engineering: Finding Defects with eBeam Inspection [August 20, 2020]
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Semiconductor Digest: ASML Wins SEMI Americas Award for EUV Technology [July 20, 2020]
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Semiconductor Engineering: China Speeds Up Advanced Chip Development [June 22, 2020]
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anandtech.com: ASML’s First Multi-Beam Inspection Tool for 5nm [June 1, 2020]
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Semiconductor Engineering: What’s Next With AI In Fabs? [April 22, 2020]
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Semiconductor Engineering: How And Where ML Is Being Used In IC Manufacturing? [April 1, 2020]
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