Presentation: Lithography Technologies to Support High Performance Computing and Advancing AI by Toshiyuki Hisamura, Principal Member of Technical Staff for Silicon Technology at AMD [July 15, 2024]
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Videos: Summer 2024 Fine Line Video Journal [June 18, 2024]
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Videos: Spring 2024 Fine Line Video Journal [March 26, 2024]
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Presentation: We’ve Come A Long Way in 15 Years by Aki Fujimura, CEO of D2S and co-founder of the eBeam Initiative [February 27, 2024]
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Presentation: Cell Projection to Extend Shaped-Beam-Litho for New Applications by Matthias Slodowski, Vistec Electron Beam [February 27, 2024]
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Press: eBeam Initiative Marks 15 Year Anniversary – FUJIFILM Corporation Joins the eBeam Initiative [February 27, 2024]
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Survey: 2024 Deep Learning Applications List by eBeam Initiative members [February 27, 2024]
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Videos: 2023 eBeam Initiative Top Videos and Articles
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Event: eBeam Initiative SPIE-AL Annual Lunch and Members Meeting, Tuesday, February 27, 2024

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GlobeNewswire: Multibeam Debuts Semiconductor Industry’s First Multicolumn E-Beam Lithography (MEBL) System for Volume Production [June 27, 2024]
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Semiconductor Engineering: Single Vs. Multi-Patterning Advancements For EUV [June 20, 2024]
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Semiconductor Engineering: Opportunities Grow for GPU Acceleration – eBeam Initiative Roundtable [June 5, 2024]
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Semiconductor Engineering: A Wrap-Up of Photomask Japan 2024 by Ingo Bork, Siemens Digital Industries Software [May 23, 2024]
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Semiconductor Engineering: Accelerating Innovation with an eBeam Lithography System by Al Blais, Johnny Yeap of Synopsys [May 23, 2024]
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Semiconductor Engineering: Navigating the GPU Revolution [April 24, 2024]
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eeNews: Intel Fellow Discusses High-NA EUV Lithography Progress [April 19, 2024]
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