Event: eBeam Initiative reception during SPIE Photomask Technology + EUV Conference, Monterey, Calif.; 4:00-7:30pm Sept. 27, 2022

Videos: Summer 2022 Fine Line Video Journal [June 28, 2022]
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Videos: Spring 2022 Fine Line Video Journal [April 19, 2022]
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Event: Replay of video - eBeam Initiative 14th Annual (Virtual) Event with Aki Fujimura of D2S, Donis Flagello of Nikon, Chris Mack of Fractilia, Harry Levinson of HJL Lithography, and Mike Hermes of Micron [March 1, 2022]
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Press: Scanning Electron Microscopy Takes the Spotlight in Annual Deep Learning Survey by the eBeam Initiative - ESOL, Fractilia and HJL Lithography Join the eBeam Initiative [March 1, 2022]
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Survey: 2022 Deep Learning Applications List by eBeam Initiative members [March 1, 2022]
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Videos: Autumn 2021 Fine Line Video Journal [October 26, 2021]
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Event: Replay of video - eBeam Initiative Virtual Event during the 2021 Photomask Technology Conference [Sept. 28, 2021]

>> Entire event (1h 22m)
>> Luminaries survey results (14m)
>> Mask revenues (12m)
>> EUV mask (21m)
>> Mask writers (12m)
>> Deep Learning (DL) (10m)
>> Curvilinear masks (6m)

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Mission | The Initiative provides a forum for educational and promotional activities regarding new design-to-manufacturing approaches that help reduce mask costs for semiconductor devices based on electron beam (eBeam) technologies.

Design Team Advisors | Provide business and technical insights and requirements to the Steering Group and Ecosystem members.

eBeam Member Videos | Proof points, viewpoints and products discussed by eBeam Initiative members.

Aki Fujimura, CEO of D2S, sits down with industry luminary Naoya Hayashi, DNP Fellow, to celebrate his retirement

Chris Mack of Fractilia makes the case for a new approach to process window metrology, called Probabilistic Process Window.

Jan Willis, co-founder of the eBeam Initiative, interviews Emily Gallagher of imec to discuss her role as BACUS Steering Committee president.

Aki Fujimura explains why curvilinear mask shapes are important for both photomask and wafer manufacturers.

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eBeam Industry News

Semiconductor Engineering: How Overlay Keeps Pace with EUV Patterning [August 9, 2022]
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SPIE: eBeam Initiative members among 77 New Senior Members Named by SPIE [August 2, 2022]
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Design With Calibre: Curves ahead for IC manufacturing [June 20, 2022]
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Semiconductor Engineering: For the Love of Theatre and Mask Making – Interview with Naoya Hayashi, DNP Research Fellow [July 5, 2022]
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Semiconductor Engineering: High-NA EUV May Be Closer Than It Appears [June 17, 2022]
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Semiconductor Engineering: The Changing Mask Landscape - an interview with Micron’s Mike Hermes [May 19, 2022]
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Semiconductor Engineering: Photomask Shortages Grow At Mature Nodes [April 21, 2022]
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